Age and description of the products

Martine and Didier produce their Calvados Domfrontais with a precise date of distillation printed on the label. On order to have the right to the title « Appellation Origine Controlee Domfrontais », the Calvados must contain a minimum of 30 % pear juice. Calvados produced by Didier Lemorton has a 70 % of pear juice and 30 % of apple juice.

The characteristic flavours when tasting :

  • A fine freshness with « starburst » flavours to start.
  • And after taste both lively and dry, followed by hints of spices, caramelised vanilla, honey and hazel nuts
  • After swallowing, we can notice a lingering and intensity of the various flavours.

This local product is typical of the Bocage of the Orne area, where we have the good fortune to have as our goal the transformation of mature fruit into wonderful alcohol. We take great care to pick, according to the time of the harvest, the most ripened fruit in order to make the best products possible. We put every effort, with our experience over the years, our knowledge, and our heart and soul in order to achieve this exceptional result.

The abuse of alcohol can be harmful. Enjoy in moderation.
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